Language Learning

There were many events in Lithuania last autumn celebrating the European Year of Languages. What are the advantages to learning languages? What are some of the most widely spoken languages in Europe? What are the advantages of learning English? Is it easy or difficult to learn a second language? Why? Did you or your school do anything for the European Year of Languages? Explain.

To begin, I would like to say, that it is truly important to learn languages. There are a lot of reasons why it is so important. Firstly, knowledge of foreign languages makes our future as comfortable as it is possible. There are a great number of professions in which needs languages. They are the following: teacher, translator, guide as well as politician. Additional knowledge makes people more intelligent. Secondly, languages are the one of ways to associate with people. By the way, learning languages makes us feel more self-confidence. Thirdly, learning languages could be an interesting mode for making fun. As a matter of fact, interest in languages protects us from being bored. I am sure that many would agree that learning languages is important and necessary as well. More than that, all your knowledge one day will come in useful.
“English language is taught as a second language in more than 100 countries and in several has the status of a parallel language alongside the mother tongue”. This and other facts illustrate that for the meantime English language becomes more and more popular. As far as English language is concerned it is the most widely spoken language in Europe. But at the same time we can’t forget about others widely spoken languages in Europe as German, Italian and other languages.
In a way, there are many advantages of English language spreading and learning. One of reasons why English languages learning is a great thing, is that everybody can understand each other, as they are speaking only one language. Another reason is that it is easier to learn one foreign language, in this case English, than three or four. It won’t necessary mean that learning languages is needless. I think many would agree that we can get more experience with English language.
I think that’s only a presumption, that it is difficult to learn a second language. Well, if you are interested in learning language, you find it as most interesting and easiest thing in the world.
As I can remember in my school was a lot of interesting competitions and a great number of information.
I should admit that language learning is very important in our life.

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