Good-bye TV

Imagine that you haven’t got a TV at home. How long could you live without it? What TV programmes would you miss most? How would your life be different? Would you enjoy this new life? What would you do instead of sitting in front of the “talking box”?

My first thought on this point is that how many times people can discuss about TV and just don’t do anything else. I have read that in other countries as North Korea, Iraq, Iran one thousand people has only ten or twenty TVs and they are still alive. I am able to add that in Lithuania not everybody has a TV, too. Considering me, I can imagine my life without “talking box”. But I am not sure that I could stand living without TV for a long time. But whether or not I don’t find myself very happy, when I miss some programmes as they are the following: “Srovės“, „Nomeda“ and so on. It would be a good idea to try to live without TV, but I am afraid that I couldn‘t live without a serial „Friends“.
I think that‘s only a presumption, that life would be very different, if people stopped watching TV. It just occured to me, that if people don‘t watch TV, then they play with computer. I think that‘s the same. It‘s also important to keep in mind, that TV helps us to find out a lot of information about other countries, animals and history. So, I think that life without TV would be different, but not very much. TV would be replaced by books and computers. As I said earlier, it would be great to try living without TV. I think many would agree, that life without a „talking box“ could be fun. But not for a very long time. So I think the same. I would enjoy this new life for a few weeks, but no longer.
There are many other things, which I can do instead of sitting in front of the TV. For example. I could read books, to take a long walks to the park, to do homeworks ar do other useful things, which I forgot to do when I am sitting in front of the TV.
To sum it up, I can say that TV is more useful than harmless. People talk a lot, but don‘t do anything. That‘s the most important reason why TV will be our best friend for the next ten or twenty years.

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