Career Talk

Speak about the career choise of a close relative (mother, father, brother, uncle, etc.) or an older friend. Is it type of career you would like? What are the advantages and disadvantages of that career. What education is needed for that career?

The fact is well-known that unemployment is the most important and threatening problem in the whole world. In addition to this, I am able to add that unemployment in Lithuania is still growing. This fact illustrates, that choosing the type of career is the most responsible decision in person’s life. I have many relatives which have chosen many great careers as they are the following: lawyer, doctor, teacher and so on. I should admit, all these careers are truly attractive. That reminds me that when I was in the 7th form, I was thinking of being a lawyer. But now I understand that this type of career isn’t my dream career as I think that being a lawyer is a quite boring and it is the same as living with many rules. Talking about the type of career I would like to work as an English language teacher. I am sure there are plenty of great things about choosing this kind of career. First and foremost, being a teacher means that you always are in the centre of young people and it makes you feel young and energetic enough. Secondly, being a teacher is very creative job, as you can take a place with your students in interesting competitions. And third, but not the last thing is that this kind of career makes you to feel interested in the whole world and events, which are happening around us. Despite of all advantages, I should mention that this career has disadvantages, too. The most important disadvantage is that being a teacher is very tiring job, as many times you have to burn midnight oil and you are not able to take time off. The second disadvantage is that this job often is as nervous as you easily can become to a nervous person. It is like this because sometimes teacher must associate with rude and lazy students. Thirdly, teacher’s career is one of the most responsible careers as teacher helps us to learn many important things, to get prepared for the future and to decide about some important things as futures career. Fortunately, all advantages outweigh all disadvantages.
For the meantime not even I but and many other school leaving young people are thinking about what education is needed. I am going to be an English language teacher, so I must enter a Vilnius University, A Vilnius pedagogical University, Klaipėdos University or Šiauliai University. Considering me, I am willing to enter a Klaipėdos University or Vilnius Pedagogical University. These Universities look to me the most attractive.
All in all, I must say that decision about career is very important. On this decision depends our future and happiness.

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