5 anglų temos

U8 5. The difference between Lithuanian and Western European families. The main difference between our and Western European families is that we are much more closer to each other. In Lithuania, we leave our parents home later than Western Europeans. Also, Western Europeans have more social guarantees than Lithuanians, so they can feel more independent and separate from their parents earlier.
As our parents support us longer than in the Western Europe, we feel more thankful to them, and we don’t send them to Old Men Asylum when they grow old.

U9 5.

Some difficulties in my job

I work as a programmer in a software company. I must admit that my job is difficult and I get tired often, but I still enjoy it.
Sometimes I argue about some decisions with other employees, but our team is great, we trust each other, so we find a solution very quickly.
Sometimes I have to work with very annoying customers, but I understand that the client is always right and I try to help him.
I still lack experience in my job, but my colleagues help me a lot, and I really owe them.

U10 5.

The successful career

I think that a successful carreer can be achieved only when you like your job. If you want to reach greater results than your colleagues, you must sacrifice a lot of your free-time, and learn something new about your profession every day.
Also, relations with your colleagues are very important if you want a successful career. You must treat your colleagues as equals, and respect everyone’s oppinion.

U11 5.
My profession

I work as a programmer in a software company. My profession is rather hard, yet interesting. If I want to maintain my professional level, I must constantly learn new programming languages, and other things necessary to my everyday work.
In our days, informational technologies are developing very rapidly and it is hard to keep up with them. I must sacrify lots of my free-time in order to remain competent programmer. Despite all these difficulties, I enjoy my profession because it is a way for me to express myself.

U12 5.
Young people and theyr way of life

Young people, who begin to live separately from their parents are very different in our times. Some of them create their families very early, and become parents themselves, others want to accumulate enough material wealth before creating a family.
Young people like going to clubs, cinemas and other leisure places. They always want to try something new. Also, young people learn more these days, because they understand that there is no future without education.

U13 5.
My travel abroad

Last summer I went to Moscow for some weeks.
This is a beautiful city with many nice buildings. I went to the circus and enjoyed myself. I saw acrobats, clowns, bears and lions. I also visited the museum of waxy figures, galleries, the Zoo.
In the Zoo I saw a lot of unusual animals and birds. Visiting of the museum of waxy figures impressed me greatly. I saw there V. Putin, M. Gorbachev, B.Yeltzin. There you can see the waxy figures of famous actors and singers: Raikin, Mironow, Nikulin, V. Leontiev, A. Makarevich and others. It was fantastic!
My travel was wonderful!

U16 5.
The importance of education

Education is essential in our times, because the employers want their employees to be as educated as possible. Uneducated people get to understand that life is very hard without knowledge, and because of that, they begin to learn, even if they are not very young.
Educated people never regret the time they spent learning. They are better paid, they can choose a job they like, and they have got a wider point of view than the uneducated ones.
Nowadays, for many people a bachelor’s degree is a minimum education, and they usually strive for more.