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Aprašymas London is one of the biggest and oldest cities in the world. This town is about 2000 years old. It's population with suburbs about 10,000,000. The town is on the river Thames. There are many places of interest in London, so it attracts many tourists.
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The main part of London is city. It's the places where London started. Now it's business centre. Few people can afford living in this part of the town - it's very expensive, so most people come there to do their job and leave this region in the evening.
Westminster -- it's the central part of the town. Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, National Galleries are situated there. There are many government offices. In one tower of House of Parliament is Big Ben -- the main clock of Great Britain. Just across the street is Westminster Abbey -- main Church of England. New monarch is crowned there, wedding ceremonies of the Royal family take place there. It is also famous for its poets' corner - many famous people are buried there.
Not far you can see Trafalgar square with Admiral Nelson's statue. Under his leadership English fleet defeated united Spanish and French forces.
Another interesting place is Buckingham Palace. If the Queen is in, you can watch changing guards.
West end is the residential part. It's the richest part of London. Not far from there Hyde Park is situated with famous speakers’ corner.
East part is the poorest part of London. It is industrial region, so air is polluted; a lot of slums are there.
The tower of London is famous for tower and Tower Bridge. Tower is museum now, but it used to be a fortress, state prison, the mint, and treasury. The tower of the bridge in middle ages was used like place of execution.
There is one more place of interest - British Museum.

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